Friday, 16 September 2011

Rumours: Are We Getting Marriage In The Morning?

"The Government is to legislate for gay marriage after a personal intervention by David Cameron"

James Chappers, The Daily Mail, via Twitter.

"Further to last tweet good source has confirmed that Government WILL be announcing a commitment to same sex marriage. Probably imminently."

Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home, via Twitter.

Announcement expected tomorrow...


  1. It's about time we catch up with rest of Europe.

  2. Update: Meant to be big announcement at first day of Lib Dem Conference Saturday...

  3. Wonder how long it'll be until Pink News/Paper pick up on this story?
    Tick tick tick tick...

  4. Government full of thieves, liars and murderers finally allow me to get married!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!

  5. Exactly!

    I don't think I want to actually get married, it's pretty bloody pointless.

    But I have the right to do so regardless of gender,
    and I'll be damned if I'm gonna allow those cunts to sit with their thumbs up their arses um-ing and ah-ing about it!

    All of us or no one at all!!

  6. "Cunts with their thumbs up their arses"?!!

    Lovely image - thank you...

  7. Shut up poof!

    I'm leading a virtuous revolution and it starts here on teh interwebs!!

    For too long we have struggled against the.....oh fuck it I'm off to the pub...