Thursday, 22 September 2011

"The Gays" Watch: Who Be They?

"We must stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere."

Stupid speech by President Obama at the UN, while he pisses all over Palestinians' aspirarations.

"Organisers say at least 20,000 demonstrators, including gays, feminists, atheists, survivors of abuse and other papal opponents, will gather in Berlin..."

Stupid piece in the stupid Times about some stupid speech by arch apologist for child rape and known ex-Nazi The Stupid Pope near Hitler's stupid fucking bunker.

Who are these "gays" of which they do speak?
I for one am flummoxed!


  1. He's a stupid fucking mongface who sucks mongshit through a crap-covered shit straw and no mistake.

  2. Gosh, your blog is all over the shop love! One day some vaguely insightful comment, albeit with hectoring tone, then back to the usual ranting. Oh well.

    "President AfterDinnerJazz? Yes? We are going to invade! Goodbye!"