Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Independent: Tell Me Lies About Iran

You might have thought The Independent would have learnt their lesson after running this complete fiction.
But no.
His boyfriend didn't exist - no one was executed for "Lavat" in Iran in the timescale Kazemi mentioned.
The address he gave for his "boyfriend" does not exist.
I'm glad he was allowed to stay here - but how odd he disappeared after he was given asylum.
A cynic might think he didn't want to be questioned about something that never happened.
Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were charged with raping a kid.
If people are executed in Iran "just for being gay" they're making a piss-poor job of it.
But still, it's Iran - we can say whatever lies we like.
Because sentimental right-wing propaganda makes the world go round.
When do we start bombing?


  1. Is this an I hate faggots site? Or is this an I love Iran especially when it arrests children, tortures them, rapes them so they will go to hell, and lynches them site? Or is this an I hate the West and honkies in general site? The Left is totally and completely morally bankrupt. The Right never had any morals, only hypocrisy. Islam will not take over the world. Death will take over the world. Wait for it, son of a dog fucking whore. It is coming.