Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Jean Daniel Cadinot: Life Over Death

'Dear friends, critics and others,

If you're reading these words I will have put down my camera, switched off the lights, drawn the curtains and taken my final bow. May all the efforts and work of a whole life, the quest for the moment of pure truth in the sublime communion of two beings under the spell of the undefinable desire for the other, inspire those who inherit my heart.

The human being is made such that it only remembers the good and the beautiful, therefore I leave you with a free mind and a head overflowing with a myriad of young men, sometimes strong and vigorous, sometimes fragile and sensitive. All of them gave me these unforgettable moments of their most tender intimacy, moments that only a few really know but which I made in to images to allow you to admire them over and over again.

Never were success or personal fortune my creed. You offered me gratitude, and I thank you for that because I wanted nothing else. Cadinot salutes you. Remember a kindly fellow, an extreme observer given to rages and contradiction but who listened to others and was full of love.

An erect phallus is a symbol of life, a cross a symbol of death.'

Ain't that the truth?
Only just found out the old bugger died.
Piss, that's sad.
Merci monsieur!


  1. Is that the bloke who made pornos?

  2. Yus, it was like Bel Ami but they all looked like they stole cars.
    My kinda thing....

  3. He pretty much created the Gay French porn industry and did it in a way that elevated the over all status quo. While he did not always succeed, he continually tried new approaches, and held a higher standard to a rather played out genre. In addition to being a lovely human being, he was also an innovative artist. He will be sorely missed.