Monday, 12 September 2011

Kaleidoscope Trust: Activism As Imperialism?

"Kaleidoscope is a major new initiative in the global campaign for diversity, launched in London in September 2011.
"Many of us are fortunate to live in countries where there has been significant progress towards ending discrimination against people on grounds of their sexuality. Homophobia hasn’t disappeared but attitudes have changed for the better.
"Around the world there are signs of progress. But in many countries laws and cultural attitudes still make it impossible for gay men and women to live full and productive lives free from fear.
"Please help us make a difference and stop people being punished just for being different.
"Our Honorary President is the Speaker of the UK House of Commons. We welcome the backing of people from all parts of the world, from supporters of all parties and none, from men and women of all faiths and non-believers alike."

Kaleidoscope Trust

Launching it tomorrow at the House of Commons - Dame Elton may attend (You get the feeling most papers would have ignored this story if there hadn't been an Elton John angle).
Is it coincidence that Stonewall announced they were going global at the beginning of the month?
The Trust's director is Lance Price - ex New Labour spin doctor.
Do you think they've realised having a group in the UK campaigning for gay rights in former commonwealth countries is a gift to someone like Robert Mugabe?

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