Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kaleidoscope: World

The Kaleidoscope Trust - "a new international organisation to support gay men and lesbians around the world who face prejudice and discrimination" - held their launch at the Commons yesterday.
It's worth noting Ed Miliband was the only party leader to attend.
Cameron and Clegg were content to get some underling in their office to cobble together some bland platitudes about The Gays which were released as "A letter of support from the Deputy/Prime Minister."
What do you expect them to say? "Sod off."
Peter Tatchell says he was not invited, despite offering them much help when they were setting the trust up - he still sent a message of support.
Elton John did not attend - most papers had said he would be attending, he had only been invited. He also had written a statement of support.
It was clearly the association with Sir Elton that meant many papers previewed the launch of Kaleidoscope earlier in the week - none reviewed the unstarstudded launch today.
And as for those cynics who have suggested the trust could be "activism as imperialism"?
'Bisi Alimi [pictured above], a refugee from Kenya where he was threatened with death because of his sexuality, said:
“I am tired of international organisations coming to Africa to tell us what to do. Kaleidoscope is coming to Africa to say, ‘What do you want us to do?’, and that is the most important thing."
The Guardian - who ran an In Praise of... Kaleidoscope editorial on Monday - has used all this as a hook to run two pieces for a G2 cover story today;
Zoe Williams' Gay Rights: a world of inequality "Gay people still live in fear in many countries around the world – prejudice, torture and execution are common. Can two new legal and diplomatic campaigns change attitudes?"
And a companion piece;
Persecuted for being gay "The voices of [8] people from around the world who have found themselves stigmatised for their sexuality"
Presumably the rest of the press are waiting for Sir Elton John to say something else.

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  1. Bisi Alimi is from Nigeria and not Kenya