Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lib Dems: Not Another Lib Dem Gay Scandal???

"The Liberal Democrat MP accused of plotting to replace Nick Clegg as party leader yesterday hit out at ‘poisonous’ suggestions that he is gay.
"Party president Tim Farron launched a scathing rebuttal of claims that he was the victim of attempted blackmail over his so-called ‘secret’ gay life.
"He said unnamed political enemies had falsely linked him to a court case in his Lake District constituency where a man was jailed for blackmailing a ‘respected member of the local community’ over his private life..."

Mail On Sunday.

Fagburn doesn't know which he finds harder to believe.
That a leading Lib Dem might be A SECRET GAY?!!
Or that a Lib Dem would resort to a queer smear against a political rival?

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