Sunday, 11 September 2011

Max Miller: So What If I Am?

Amazingly this is the only film of the great Max Miller doing his turn.
He grew up just to the left of me and died just to the right.
Whenever he played in London it was written in the contract he had to finish so he could get the last train back to Brighton.
I think about him every day.


  1. Not sure he'd be in such a hurry to get back to Brighton these days. :(

  2. He was great, a real showman.
    And he loved Brighton which is alright by me. :)

  3. No he didn't, he fucking loved it, he told me.
    And his wife died here so show some bloody respect!

  4. He was shit.
    There isn't a single funny moment in that whole clip.

  5. No, the whole thing is beyond wonderful.
    If that doesn't make you laugh like an oak tree, then you - sir - are dead to the wind.
    Good day!

  6. What about that joke that Jimmy Tarbuck and Ken 'the twat' Dodd vehemently insisted he didn't tell, but that he may have done? That's funny.

  7. How drunk do you have to be before it becomes funny?
    I'll go and buy some vodka... :)

  8. ^^ The BEF.
    I'm pretty sure I've got him saying this this on tape, and it's definitely in the Blue Book...

    "I was walking along this narrow mountain pass - so narrow that nobody else could pass you, when I saw a beautiful blonde walking towards me. A beautiful blonde with not a stitch on, yes, not a stitch on, lady. Cor blimey, I didn't know whether to toss myself off or block her passage.

  9. PS And Ken Dodd is not a twat.
    He's the closest you'll get to Max Miller in your lifetime.

  10. At least Miller knew when to get the fuck off the stage...