Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Richard Littlejohn: I Say I Say I Say - A Load Of Bollocks Mainly...

"What do you do if you are approached by a man in a dress, asking the way to the toilets? Apart from burst out laughing, that is.
"If you are a volunteer at next year’s Olympics, you are told: ‘Do not make an assumption about their gender unless directed by their name.
‘If you are asked, provide instructions to the male/female and accessible toilets.’
"That last bit covers all eventualities, just in case the bloke in a frock with the five o’clock shadow also happens to be in a wheelchair. This top tip comes from a guidebook issued to everyone volunteering to help visitors to the Games..."

Richard Littlejohn on smoking form in The Daily Mail.
Loving that illustration.
Good to see the Mail mocking the disabled, too.
Well done.

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  1. PS I'm trying to check what the booklet actually does say - Littlejohn is not the most reliable of jouralists...