Friday, 9 September 2011

Tom Robinson: Get Your Facts Straight

"Singer-songwriter Tom Robinson became a darling of the 1970s gay liberation movement with his song ‘Glad To Be Gay'.
"But just a few years later, he fell in love with a woman and was booed at the 1987 London Pride event.In a new programme for Radio 4 he examines how he came to terms with his sexuality and finds out how bisexual people in different parts of the UK cope with attitudes towards their relationships.
"In the documentary, he meets bisexual people struggling to be understood by their straight and gay friends.
"Producer Ashley Byrne explains the reason for making the programme: ”For some reason bisexuality remains a bit of taboo in the media and society at large. We’ve been trying to cover the issue on both TV and radio for years. So it’s a real credit to Radio 4 that they’ve had the courage to go with a topic which often gets overlooked.”

The ever reliable Pink News, cut and pasting a press release as per.

Erm. Tom Robinson has always been bisexual. Here's his first ever interview with Julie Burchill for NME in 1978.
And I think the reason bisexuality "often gets overlooked” is cause it bores the tits off people.


  1. I used to go out with a trapeze artist who swung both ways...

  2. Bisexuality does get overlooked dickhead.
    It's important that people stop saying that we're just confused or actually gay. FFS!!

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  5. No.
    It's too old for you, suck Bieber's.

  6. Are bisexuals mentioned in the bible?
    If not and God hates the fags... what does he fink of dem bi's???