Sunday, 4 December 2011

Boy George: King Of Queens

Boy George has a new lavishly-tooled coffee table photobook coming out, King of Queens - a snip at 499 of yer English pounds (+ P&P).
And don't forget Culture Club are reforming (again) next year for a thirtieth anniversary tour.
Is the money running out perchance, George?
Both get a nice big plug in an interview in The Observer Magazine.
"It has been suggested that he trawled the internet for partners and escorts..."
Why not write "looked on"?


  1. Boy's welcome to the money in my opinion.

  2. 499 x 1,000 = £499,000.

  3. My husband just bought me a copy, worth every penny. Go there Georgie!!!

  4. How is he going to make money if no one buys it? I love Boy George but the price is too much. If he really wanted to make money, he should have made the price more reasonable and printed more copies.