Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bradley Manning: Your Wonderful Gay Press At Work

Pink Paper has finally published a story about Bradley Manning.
And he's only been in prison for 18 months.
Oh, and apparently he is "openly-gay"
It is here.
Well done, Peter Lloyd - the worst "openly-gay" journalist in the world!
The ever shitter Gay Star News has decided he's guilty.
Thus negating the need for a trial.
Well done all!

Update: I'll do a round-up of press coverage during the week. It's unexpectedly turned out that his defence is claiming his sexuality is key, and the army prosectors saying it is irrelevant. The press seems to be going for the "crazy mixed-up fag" line, like this dreadful piece in the Daily Mail.

PPS: You can download Greg Mitchell's e-book, Bradley Manning: Truth And Consequences, for free on Monday (US time, obvs). Tis good.


  1. Just when you think the gay press can't get any worse...

  2. ...along comes Gay Star News.

  3. Let's hope he goes down for the crimes he's commited. Scumbag.