Saturday, 3 December 2011

David Starkey: The Return Of Dr Nasty

"But aren’t you offended by the Tories’ residual homophobia? ‘Ne-ow,’ he says, ‘Section 28 was more of an insult than any real threat. That inspired one of my best moments on Question Time, as you may remember.’ I don’t, so he tells me. Jeffrey Archer was arguing to keep the gay age of consent at 18 and Starkey told him: ‘Englishmen like you enjoy sitting on the fence so much because you enjoy the sensation.’ He giggles: ‘The house came down. He has never forgiven me.’"

David Starkey makes what I think is his first public appearance since his racist outburst on Newsnight - from The Spectator.
Given a very easy ride by Guardian journalist, Tanya Gold.
Pass the sickbag, Alice.

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