Thursday, 29 December 2011

Douglas Booth: Expectation

This Christmas, a new king of the tellybox was crowned!
Douglas Booth won much praise playing Pip in the BBC's Great Expectations.
Young Mr Booth's best-known previous roles have been Boy George in the biopic, Worried About The Boy, and Isherwood's rough trade lover, Heinz, in Christopher And His Kind.
Tis the final instalment of Great Expectations tonight - haven't seen it, but I guess it's safe to assume he'll get buggered in this, too.

Update: Who the Dickens is Douglas Booth? Meet TV's latest teen heart-throb The Sun.
"He also recently appeared on the cover of Gay Times magazine. But don't worry girls, he is straight."


  1. Booth is lovely, but his co-star Harry Lloyd in "the Alec Guinness role" is even more gorge and everything...

    Here he is with Russell Tovey: OMGOMGOMGetc

    This version of Great Expectations has been great ackcherly...

  2. He has the most beautiful eyes on film and love is - but of course! - blind to arbitrary social distinctions - as Edward Carpenter he knew.

    Seriously, he's wonderful in Great Expectations as is the rest of the cast.
    Give it a go, Fagburn!!!

  3. Shirley EC knew posh people have the sex appeal of a cold trout, so you should stick with the noble workers for cock and bum fun?

    Might watch the David Lean... :)

  4. That doesn't explain why George Merrill fell in love with him, though...?
    I think - in so far as social status matters - many nobel proletariat hummers are hot for posh cock and vice-versa.
    Anyway, what hath love got to do with sex? Not much, I'd wager...

    The Lean Great Expectations can't be beat, but it hasn't got any hotties, let's be honest.
    The new one is chock-a-block-with-yummy-cock!

  5. Oh it's a boy? I just thought Keira Knightley was looking a little butch.