Thursday, 22 December 2011

Forbes: The Richest People In The World

A late entry in Fagburn's annual search for the stupidest story of the year;
'10 Things You Didn't Know About Gay Travel' by Beth Greenfield on
"At first the survey was to build the industry, to show travel companies the strength of gay and lesbian travel spending,” notes David Paisley of CMI [Community Marketing Inc]. “That message has been well received, as nearly every major travel company and destination now has an LGBT marketing strategy. Today, the study is to better inform our clients about changing patterns within a more mature LGBT travel industry.” Based on this survey and Department of Commerce tourism statistics, CMI estimates that gay and lesbian tourism generates more than $65 billion a year in the U.S. alone."
The reason you didn't know that "gay and lesbian tourism generates more than $65 billion a year in the U.S. alone" is because it's totally made-up.
Community Marketing Inc say on their website;
"The facts are plain: gay men and lesbians travel more, own more homes and cars, spend more on electronics, and have the largest amount of disposable income of any niche market. Undaunted by events in the news, gay and lesbian consumers make up at least 10% of the consumer market."
Not one of these is a fact, FFS.
For an excellent website exposing the laughable lies of the gay marketeers - who have a vested, financial interest in maintaining the fictions that lesbians and gay men are all as rich as Croesus and "make up at least 10% of the consumer market" - please visit Joe Clark's Gay Money.
Thank you.

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