Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gareth Malone: Choir As Folk

A Most Unlikely Pin-Up: No, he ISN'T gay. In fact, Gareth Malone says being in a choir makes you catnip for ladies

Feature headline in The Daily Mail.

"He went to an all-boys, state-run grammar school in Bournemouth, where it was assumed he was gay because he was ‘heading off to do music when the alpha males were on the rugby pitch’. J
oining the choir was ‘tantamount to shouting it from the rooftops’.
"But he isn’t gay, and is bemused — as is his wife Becky, an English teacher — by the fact he has such a strong gay following on Twitter.
"‘Camp? I don’t think I am,’ he says, before adding: ‘Well, maybe a little. "Whatever, I get messages which suggest people think they are going to be able to “turn” me, which I find bizarre.
"‘I love women. I have always loved women. The irony was that being in the choir when I was a teenager was a surefire way of meeting them.’"

So that's alright then...

• There is a campaign to make the single, Wherever You Are by Military Wives With Gary Malone, the Christmas number one - cause you can never have enough sentimental crap at xmas, can you?

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