Saturday, 24 December 2011

Gay Mags: Cover Up

This story has been bubbling away all year, so it seems fitting it rears its stupid head again just as 2011 draws to a close.
The day when lads' mags and fag mags are only on sale covered-up to protect the kiddies from seeing Photoshopped pctures of people in swimwear seems to be moving ever closer.
As part of the Conservative's contribution to puritanical hysteria, sex panic and ultimately pointless token gestures the Telegraph reports that businesses are being asked to take a number of self-censoring measures, lest the government bring in some more stupid laws;

"In a letter to business leaders inviting them to meet the Prime Minister, Sarah Teather, the children’s minister, warned that companies must “demonstrate the real difference they are making for families”. She said: “The Prime Minister and I will expect to see concrete progress and for this to feel real and meaningful to parents and children.”

According to the Telegraph, Teather's letter mentions stopping peer-to-peer marketing campaigns (I agree with this, so it probably wasn't the best place to start...), ratings videos for music videos, a ban on (undefined) "sexualised images" on outdoor advertising; everywhere now, not just near schools - remember what Jello Biafra warned;
"Censorship is like that certain brand of potato chips. Nobody can stop
with just one."

"So-called “lads’ magazines” and newspapers with sexualised images on their covers must not be in easy view of children in shops. A code of practice already exists for newsagents and retailers. “However, application of the code is very patchy and there are many shops, including many well-known high street names where these magazines and newspapers are very clearly visible to children,” Miss Teather said. “There is no reason these magazines could not be sold bagged or shelved behind modesty boards provided by publishers and wholesalers and we expect to see a great deal of progress on this issue.'”

Oh dear. They'll be banning jokes about Jesus next...

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