Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gay Star News: At Last...

Gay Star News has just gone live!
(Actually they're Beta Testing - whatever that means).
They've promised the site "will revolutionize [sic] the way you get news about the gay (LGBT) world."
Yeah, right.
It's run by Tris Reid-Smith, best known as the long-serving editor of Pink Paper - and the man who year-in year-out made it so unbelievably dreary and unreadable.
Was it just the two times that the Pink closed down under his stewardship?
Looks like Pink News is more of the same - but on the internets!
Oh, and Tristram's boyfriend, Scott Nunn, is also a "director".
They clearly haven't got a clue what today's gay (BLT) news stories are.
Is there really anything on there that you want to read?
Me neither.
Their promo stuff pushes that Gay Star News will be "24/7", but who wants to read a couple of cut-and-pasted press releases 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
And the design's real amateur hour stuff, too.
Let them know what you think - they're gagging for feedback.
They're launching properly in January.
If they carry on thinking that they can get away with this lazy dull dull DULL reheated rubbish, I'll give them til March.

One Star.


  1. One star is generous imo.
    Content - shite
    design - shiter

  2. They don't appear to know what is happening - a disadvantage for a gay news site.