Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Gay's The Word: Books Of The Year

Gay's The Word bookshop has announced its books of the year.
It's an interesting list - if strangely a little mainstream for an independent bookshop and celeb heavy.
Though it's nice to see the likes of Patti Smith, Stephen Fry, James Maker and Brian Sewell all snuggling up together.
When the late, great Peter Burton was books editor of Gay Times the Books of the Year were always a treat, running to four or five pages and featuring choices by GT contributors and authors such as Neil Bartlett, Francis King and Patrick Gale.
Since the stupid cunts that own Gay Times cruelly sacked Peter, the books pages have gradually been eroded.
Now there is a single books page, with "reviews" of 50 or 20 words.
Well done MPG - dat's progress!
But anyway, I'm bitter - why not give yourself a Christmas treat and pop into Gay's The Word?

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