Saturday, 24 December 2011

George Michael: Back! Back!! Back!!!

They're both famous gaffe-prone Greek dudes who hang around with queens - but WHO wins the battle of today's front pages?

George Michael: Daily Star, The Guardian, The Independent and The Sun.

Prince Philip: The Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.*

Fleet Street has spoken! Abolish the royal family!!!

Apparently, the first official confirmation the media had that George Michael really was back in the UK was when they were told he would be giving a press conference outside his house in an hour or two.
One joke - that spoke much truth about media cynicism and cruelty - was that the Mail had two different news stories ready to go online at the click of a mouse, "Foxy Knoxy" style.
Actually the joke was that the Mail published the wrong one - the aforementioned preparing for all eventualities is common practice in the press.

Anyway... how wonderful to know George is finally home and on the mend.
Merry Christmas.


* Prince Philip also got hon menches on the front pages of The Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

Update: The Sun online's plug for its iPad version shows a front-page with Philip bigged up and George relegated to the corner.
The one above is the first pressing of the front page papers send out to Newsnight, Sky News etc. I'll tell you if they've swapped it round when I am braced to venture outside pon this wintry morn.

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