Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Independent: The Day I Came Out

"I really enjoyed reading this article.
My only criticism would be that everyone interviewed seems to be from an upper middleclass background, going to university etc.
Why not find out what it was like for a joiner or a binman on a council estate in Glasgow coming out to their parents? LGBT people are everywhere and do all different jobs."

Reader's comment from KennyH288 posted after an article in The Independent, 'The Day I Came Out' featuring Simon Callow, Ben Bradshaw, Stella Duffy, Heather Peace and Stephen K Amos.

Stella Duffy replies;
"I'm not at all from a middle class, or upper-middle-class background. As the youngest of 7, I benefited hugely from the education that comes to a) the youngest, and b) growing up in NZ 1970. (ps - I'm 48, not 38!) I totally agree there is a class issue to be addressed, but I don't think your assumptions are necessarily correct about the people featuring in this collection of interviews, nor the implied suggestion that working class people - ie, my family - can't 'cope' with a gay child."

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