Friday, 23 December 2011

Lesbians Kissing: This Is History!

This photo made it to the front page of both The Independent and The Guardian.
And was given much prominence inside almost every other UK newspaper.*
"Lesbians, kiss, iconic, historic, repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, some women in the armed forces are lesbots? Who knew?!! etc etc"
The Times wrote a leader column on it; "The picture of that kiss already has the look of a photographic classic.** And perhaps its most interesting aspect is that the bystanders in the background do not seem to be taking any special notice. Some things change for the better."
That's nice, dear.
But why did the UK papers give it so much special notice, then?
Perhaps a clue was given by Evan Davis on Radio 4's Today programme?
After an excited-sounding John Humphrys read out his favourite lines from The Times, Evan added drily; "Some girl-on-girl action there..."

* I can't find it on the Daily Express's online version - or far more surprisingly The Daily Star's - will check print copies later.
** Probably because it looks like an homage to Alfred Eisenstaedt's VJ Day In Times Square, one of the most famous photographs of all time. Duh.

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  1. It's a wonderful picture.
    I agree it'll probably become icononical.
    The girl in the Eisenstaedt was a complete stranger and therefore they are both total and utter slutfaces. Whereas the "ghey one" what is be being above is wholesome and expressing your true love and everything.
    Take that, hummerfobes!!!!