Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mail On Sunday: Great Corrections Of Our Time (Cont.)

"We have been asked to make clear that the Strathclyde Police officer Abigail Austen remains a serving police officer.
"She states she has only ever sought the pension rights and terms of service accorded any other female officer.
"She is not claiming any discrimination and is grateful for the continued support of her colleagues in the force. We are happy to set the record straight."

From the Mail's new (ish) Corrections & Clarifications column - always a hoot.
Ms Austen has had a complaint against the Mail upheld by the Press Complaints Commission.

Ms Abigail Austen of Glasgow complained that the newspaper’s coverage of her employment as the first transgender police officer in Strathclyde Police contained information which intruded into her private life.

The complaint was resolved when the newspaper gave an assurance that the complainant would be left alone to pursue her career within the police on the same basis as any other officer.

The offending article has been taken offline.
The tabloids seem to think the fact a person being trans is news in itself, and they should be free to out them and write whatever they want.
Trans women are of particular interest if they work in "manly" jobs; firefighters, police officers, soldiers have all been written about in the last year or so.
Verily, trans is the new gay...

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