Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Matthew!: The Condensed Interview

It's Christmaaas time...
Time for all the broadsheets to run their annual gushing profile of Matthew Bourne.
Today it's The Times' turn.
Fine by me - Fagburn is quite the fan.

"He grew up in Walthamstow watching MGM musicals on television... blah blah blah... His sly wit and saucy imagination have transformed ballet’s favourite classics... He is the cheeky chappie who turned Nutcracker into a flamboyant homage to old Hollywood and Swan Lake into a contemporary gay fantasy, complete with hunky male swans and a Prince of Wales lookalike."
"'Ballet and contemporary dance are as mystifying to a lot of people as they have ever been,' he says. 'So I am all for popularising dance. That’s why I have always been a fan of Strictly Come Dancing... We must not forget that anything on the small or big screen helps us and we should not turn our noses up at it. When we get sniffy it makes us look too rarefied.'”
"...In 2012 he will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his dance troupe with an unprecedented series of events at Sadler’s Wells. First up is his exuberant rewrite of Nutcracker, which opens a seven-week run on Tuesday..."
Same time next year?

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