Thursday, 8 December 2011

Michael Barrymore: You Know Where You Went Wrong

Michael Barrymore was fined yesterday for possession of "a very small amount" of cocaine.
A second charge - that he was "drunk and disorderly" - was dropped.
Are you still awake?
This hardly sounds like the scandal of the century, does it?
Thankfully The Sun reminded us of "disgraced" Michael's full name; "Barrymore—whowasquizzedafterStuartLubbockwasfounddeadinhispoolin2001."
The Daily Star told its readers; 'SHAMED Michael Barrymore launched a foul-mouthed rant at police who arrested him for having drugs, a court heard.
'The former telly star raged: “Don’t you think I’ve had enough f***ing sh*t from you lot over the years?"
Can you blame him?
Apropos of sod-all the Star recalled - helpfully vaguely - how; "Two men were arrested on suspicion of murder in 2001 after butcher’s assistant Stuart Lubbock, 31, was found dead in the swimming pool of Barrymore’s Essex mansion."
The Mirror ran a long profile of the "troubled star" that read like Michael Barrymore's obituary.
"Once one of Britain's best-loved comics, Michael Barrymore has lived through countless highs and lows in the public spotlight...
"But viewers saw the clown's mask fall and realised everything was not "awight" - his well known catchphrase - in 1995 when Barrymore announced he was gay..."
It's obvious the tabloids have been dying to run that obituary for a decade now.
Don’t you think he's had enough f***ing sh*t from you lot over the years?

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