Saturday, 10 December 2011

Peter Tatchell: Hello!

Odd, Hello! magazine-style feature on Peter Tatchell in FT Weekend's House & Home section.

However the conversation is manfully steered away from lighting fixtures and soft furnishings and onto Occupy LSX;

"He describes the Occupy London camp at St Paul’s as an act of “creative genius”. “I don’t see it as disfiguring a great national monument. Most successful protests involve doing something new and unique, which is what this camp has done. People feel incredibly angry that, after getting us into this mess, bankers and corporate bosses are still getting huge bonuses.”
"In his speeches at the camp, he has outlined a set of reforms designed to establish what he calls “economic democracy”. “Economic democracy is the great unfinished democratic struggle,” he says. “In the economic system, a handful of people – the directors and leading shareholders – have all the votes. The vast majority of people, the employees, have no vote at all.” To this end, he proposes a statutory requirement for all businesses with more than 50 employees to have staff and consumer representation at board level. He also believes that any new share issue should necessarily include employees..."

And at least they didn't call him a "national treasure".

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  1. Well, since they didn't say it, can I now say that I think he's a 'National Treasure' ?