Friday, 30 December 2011

Tesco: Some GAYS Get Angry About Something That Didn't Happen

EDIT: Just realised this was misfiled and "lost" - so reposting it here for now...

Pink News has published a most odd "Exclusive".

'Exclusive: Tesco set to drop future Pride funding days into Christian boycott'

A few brief bulletpoints:

• I can't see how anything in the story backs up the statement made in that headline.

• Isn't this more like Christian Institute's "exclusive"? They put it out as a press release this morning [Dec 23].

• The Christian Institute/Pink News story is false. Tesco had not committed to funding Pride in the future. Thus they could not have "dropped it".

• The claim that Tesco has caved in to a threatened Christian Institute boycott is a self-serving fantasy put out by the CI.

• I think Tesco should be applauded if in future they donate not to Pride London - probably the gay event/group in the UK who find it easiest to attract (corporate) sponsorship - and commit to long-term support for LGBT workers groups. And how does this fit with them running scared of the CI for funding gay groups?

• The readers' comments on Pink News are depressing - "BOO! Let's boycott Tesco!!!" - but what do you expect people to think? My hope for 2012 is less "But I read it in the gay press..." credulity.

There are so many things Tesco do to get angry over and campaign about.
This is not one of them.

PS The reason I realised I'd "mislaid" this, is cause I went looking for it as Queerty have just run a story WHICH ADDS EVEN MORE NONSENSE TO THE MIX!

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  1. Campaigning against Tesco for not supporting gays is like capaiging against abattoirs for not killling gay penguins...