Saturday, 3 December 2011

Victoria Wood: Happily Unmarried

Wood seems genuinely content. Would she consider marrying again?
“I don’t think I’ve met anybody in the last few years who wasn’t gay, married or crackers, so I can’t see it happening. I certainly would never get married. Even as far as having a relationship I never meet anyone who’s normal, unless they’re a nice married person. Most men my age go out with women 20 years younger so I would have to be looking in the 78 to 80 years bracket and I don’t really want to be there.”

Interview in The Times.
Doesn't look like there's going to be a Christmas Special on the BBC this year - but she has written a BBC One screenplay about the classical pianist Joyce Hatto, to be broadcast next year.
Victoria received the Eon Productions Lifetime Achievement Award at the WFTV Awards yesterday.
Whatever that is.


  1. Confused about the gay angle here, is this innuendo or just because the gays love her?

  2. Think it's just a light-hearted comment, based on an exaggerated account of the facts...