Saturday, 3 December 2011

The X Factor: Harry's Game

"X FACTOR singer Marcus Collins has been exchanging flirty texts with The Only Way Is Essex star Harry Derbidge.

"Former hairdresser Marcus, a front-runner to win the show, has asked Harry to meet him for a drink to "get to know each other".

"Marcus began following Harry on Twitter and eventually the pair swapped numbers.

"Messages Marcus has sent him include: "Let's have a drink and get to know each other" and "Fancy hooking up? You crack me up on TOWIE."

"But Scouse singer Marcus has a long-term boyfriend — and brushed off the texts as "just having a laugh" with Harry..."

This gripping story is in The Sun so I guess it must be true.
It's an interesting sign of the times how the once hysterically homophobic Sun can report a story like this so matter-of-factly.
But as with this story in The Sun last month about how X Factor's Craig Colton and danyl Johnson "going out" (later denied) Fagburn can't help thinking they seem like PR stunts of the Max Clifford variety.
Ah well, at least gay stars don't have to "go out" with beards these days...

PS Can someone explain the speech ballon in The Sun's photomontage? Thanks.

Update: Much surprise on Twitter that Marcus sang 'My Girl' on The X Factor Motown special. Surely shome mistake?

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  1. The Mirror was saying 6 months ago that Harry Derbidge was dating Anthony Hannah, who Marcus replaced in Eton Road. All seems like a crock of shit to me. And the Mirror call Hannah a "hunk" which is fucking hilarious.