Wednesday, 29 February 2012

All Rock 'N' Roll Is Homosexual: Fings Ain't Wot They Used To Be

Alexis Petridis writes in The Guardian today about how Rock music has become far too heterosexual of late, and thus, as Jon Savage points out; "it's all so dreary."
Too true.
Petridis and Savage - two of Fagburn's favourite music writers - are talking about the endlessly fascinating subject of gay men and popular music at the South Bank Centre this evening.
The title of the talk, All Rock 'N' Roll Is Homosexual, is taken from an old Manic Street Preachers slogan* - Mr Nicky Wire will also be in attendance.
Though Nicky's brother and occasional collaborator, the poet Patrick Jones, would have been just as illuminating a contributor.
If you ask me.
There are some headbangingly stupid comments after Alexis' feature, but same as it ever was.
My favourite?
"Another agenda to hi-jack what was essentially family friendly entertainment. Stop re-writing history to further your minority views."
So think on, Jon Savage, think on...

* I have an unpublished meditation on what this means by Richey Manic, by the way.

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