Friday, 10 February 2012

And Finally: Here Is The Mad Christian News

Bong! Godless communists ban prayers at council meetings.
Bong! Gaystapo ruling on lovely Christian B&B couple upheld.
Bong! Archbishop of York gets hate mail from racist Satanist homosexualists.
Bong! Primary school hands out contraceptives like sweets.
Bong! Ken Livingstone says Blair gave MPs cabinet posts just for being total bumlords.
Bong! Several Daily Mail readers' heads explode - call for immediate government enquiry.
Bong! The newsreader's quite dishy, isn't he?
Bonk! I bet she'll be straight off to Chariots after this.
And finally, remember all evangelical Christians are quite, quite mad.

Your actual Christian Institute Weekly News Round-up.

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