Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ann Widdecombe: She Never Married

You can almost hear Ann Widdecombe's brain creaking into action in her column in The Daily Express.
Today Ms Widdecombe is sharing her quarter-baked thoughts on gay marriage - yes, again.
She argues that Lynne Featherstone, the Equalities Minister, is trying to set up a false dichotomy,  suggesting that the only folk opposed to gay marriage are those of a religious persuasion.
"I know gays who oppose this measure – as does Christopher Biggins – and one can hardly call them homophobic."
Well, thankfully there are plenty of other things one can call Christopher Biggins. 
Undaunted by logic, she goes on; "People who never go inside a church from one year to the next oppose it. Some of those who spoke out in favour of civil partnerships oppose it. Writers on Left-wing newspapers oppose it."
Yes, ok, some do, but for entirely different reasons to you.
And are they opposed to the concept of gay-straight equality, as so clearly are you? 
Time for some insanely over-the-top hyperbole, methinks.
"So as this is the most fundamental change to society in centuries..." - that line is so funny you may enjoy reading it again - "let David Cameron ask the people what they want. If he insists on pushing ahead then I challenge him to hold a referendum."
Apart from the fact we'd win, there's a slight flaw in your plan, Ann.
One of the main points of parliamentary democracy is to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority.
And to protect the rights of people like me from nasty old bigots like you.

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  1. A reply...

    'Would women have ever had the right to vote if it were left to a public referendum of men to decide it? Would the american state-sanctioned segregation of African-Americans have ever ended if left to a public referendum?

    You do what is right not what is popular.

    There are also far more important things to be worrying about. Rather than carrying on about gay marriage (which will have no effect on anyone's life but the happy couple) why don't you look into solving the budget, crime and the other real issues out there.'