Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Archbishop Sentamu: Bashing The Bishop

Archbishop John Sentamu receives racist emails after saying ministers should not allow same sex marriage

• Archbishop of York sent 'abusive and threatening' emails

• Cleric said ministers should not overrule Bible by allowing same-sex marriage

The Daily Mail is so loving this story.

It fits into their recurring right-wing riff that it's The Militant Gays who are the intolerant ones, not those nice fluffy Christians who want us to burn in Hell.
However we don't know yet which part of his wide-ranging interview in The Daily Telegraph the "small number" of racist emails were written in response to.
If they were about his opposition to gay marriage, is that surprising?
There are regularly gay racists who leave appalling comments on the messageboards of Pink News and Queerty, for example.
(They appear to leave them, but delete or ban people who are critical of their journalistic standards).
Why does anyone expect that gay men should be the only social group in the history of the world where all its members are free of bigotry?
Yes, even where they've been victims of bigotry themselves.
After all, Sentamu spoke of the racial prejudice he received when he first came to Britain - in the same interview where he made his anti-gay comments.

• If you want to see some real textbook bigotry have a look at the Mail readers' comments below their story...

• There was a protest against Sentamu's comments on marriage equality held outside York Minster on February 1st. Here's a video about it.

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