Monday, 6 February 2012

Bob Bergeron: 1952-2012

"In all my years of clinical work, I have never encountered a fifty-year-old gay-male client complain that he feels invisible in non-gay environments in his life, such as in his work or with his parents or family. But I consistently hear fifty-year-old men say that they feel invisible in the all gay-male environments where much of their lives unfold. No matter how successful and rewarding their lives, even gay men who have created meaningful friendships and romantic relationships with other men still become confused because other gay men treat them differently as they enter their forties and beyond. In my clinical practice, I have seen that until men resolve their confusion and unhappiness about how other gay men relate to them now that they are older, the sense of loss and isolation they feel leaves them ill-equipped to deal with these other issues of aging common for all older men and women..."

The author, New York-based psychotherapist Bob Bergeron, committed suicide last month.
The Right Side Of Forty, due to be published this month, will apparently not now appear.

Via Gay City News.

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