Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Brighton Pride: Well Done!

'It has emerged that Pride (South East) the trading arm of Pride in Brighton & Hove has combined debts of over £200,000 and no money has been distributed to local LGBT groups and charities following last years event.
'The bad news was delivered to the City Council last Thursday, (January 26), by a Trustee of Pride in Brighton and Hove.
'Papers seen by Gscene magazine reveal Pride has outstanding creditors of £184,000 and an outstanding loan from Brighton and Hove council for £20,000, which brings their total debts to over £204,000....'

Via Gscene.
The words "piss-up" and "brewery" spring to mind.
A free event on the beach loses no money.
By the billy way.

Update from Gscene.


  1. How did they lose so much money again? Over £200,000 in the red. Bully boys and threats to anyone who dared cross them. All lies to the press through their lying press releases. People on the management committee who profit from Brighton Pride personally. Money they took for charity has spent so the charities get nothing. Cosy contracts to their friends so the community gets jack shit. Ex committee member now a councillor at Brighton council so everything kept sweet while Brighton Pride get away with it all. Makes you sick!

  2. what a shambles.

  3. All these crooks have got hooks in your meat.