Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Charles Dickens: More??!!

Blurb: "This book offers a radically new reading of Dickens and his major works. It demonstrates that, rather than representing a largely conventional, conservative view of sexuality and gender, he presents a distinctly queer corpus, everywhere fascinated by the diversity of gender roles, the expandability of notions of the family, and the complex multiplicity of sexual desire. The book examines the long overlooked figures of bachelor fathers, martially resistant men, and male nurses. It explores Dickens's attention to a longing, not to reproduce, but to nurture, his interest in healing touch, and his articulation, over the course of his career, of homoerotic desire..."

Queer Dickens is published by Oxford University Press.

It's an academic book so costs a fortune - maybe you could order it from one of those library things that keep being closed down?
Though I get the feeling it may be an interesting essay stretched out into a book.
Here's a Times Higher Education review.
Simon Callow is all over the media right now pushing his new biography. *
Fine by me, I like the fruity old dude.
Best fact I learned today; Charles Dickens used to refer to himself in the third person as "Dick".
Obviously Fagburn thinks the greatest fag in Dickens is Fagin...

* "If Dickens were alive he would be writing about everything because he always focused on everything. He would have been up there with the anti-capitalist protesters. He would have walked the city non-stop."

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  1. I actually bought this book thinking it would be a rich expose of Dickens' queer subtext but as the ever-prescient Fagburn thought it is an essay's worth of real discussion of queer matter eked out with vague analyses of 'bachelor' figures in Dickens etcetera etcetera etcetera