Sunday, 5 February 2012

Daily Mail: Allure Of The Seas

Briton missing after fall from world's biggest liner: 225,282-ton Allure of the Seas chartered by gay and lesbian holiday firm

• Rescuers are still searching for the 30-year-old unnamed man

• Most of passengers said to be gay men enjoying 'hedonistic atmosphere'

The Daily Mail.

A Fagburn reader writes;

"For the Daily Mail, it is relevant to the man's death that the liner was chartered by a gay holiday firm. If it was a regular luxury liner cruising off Italy, for example, obviously nothing could go wrong."

A Daily Mail reader writes;

"I simply cannot imagine anyone actually paying money to join this cruise. It looks like my worse nightmare."

Thanks Andrew

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  1. A Daily Mail reader writes:

    "What on earth is a Gay & Lesbian 'themed' holiday? Where everyone pretends to be gay and lesbian?"