Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Daily Mail: From The Message Boards

'Photo Of Gay US Marine Leaping Into Boyfriend's Arms Goes Viral'
The Daily Mail.

A selection of Mail readers' comments online:

You'd never see a Royal Marine acting in this manner.
- Jo Bee, Ecosse

Gordon Bennett, give me strength.
- Fireball XL5, Lostinspace

This is not your fathers military anymore. Thanks Obama.
- Jon, Cheyenne, Wy

- Anon, UK

The Afghans are going to have a field day.
- Sam, London

Would not want him behind me in a tight corner, he wants to try that on the taliban
- tom, west mids

What is it about seeing two men kissing that always makes you feel uncomfortable?
- John, London

This just shows how sick life is getting.
- stan white, leeds

The lord will strike them DOWN
- Pinky, Strathclyde

God help us if there's a war!
- Edna Welthorpe (Mrs), London N1

• I should stress most comments are positive (and the last one above was me)... 

Update: The Sun ran this story on Tuesday, as I type there are close to 100 comments, nothing really homophobic, a few men say they just don't like any public displays of affection, regardless if they're by straight or gay couples. Most common comment - and general consensus - "Good for them!" 
Good for them.

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  1. A video of the couple can be seen here: