Monday, 27 February 2012

Daily Telegraph: Bobbins Headline Of The Day

'Why Should Gays Get Special Treatment?'

This is the title to an unthink piece in the Telegraph by Cristina Odone.
She's one of their main columnists, and a former editor of The Catholic Herald.
Erm, how on earth is asking for equality wanting "special treatment"?
How does that work exactly?
I presume the picture editor was mocking her by accompanying it with the above photo.
And if anyone can figure out what in the name of Jupiter she's trying to argue in the article, then please, please, please drop me a line. 
Odone and the rest of the anti-gay marriage brigade have a top celebrity supporter who gave a speech over the weekend that repeated many of their favourite cliches; "Centuries of tradition... one of the main building blocks of society... it's in the Bible... won't somebody please think of the children!"
Yes, Robert Mugabe - come on down!
Here's a report from yesterday's Mail On Sunday about Mugabe's "rambling anti-homosexual rant" at his fun-packed 88th birthday do.
The article is very critical of the old dude, which is strange cause the Daily Mail usually gives oddballs who make rambling anti-homosexual rants their own column.
Is it cause he is black?

  Coalition For Equal Marriage petition and rinky dink website.

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