Sunday, 5 February 2012

David Laws: Back Again

'David Laws to return to 'big government job' within months
'The political comeback of David Laws has been delayed to allow the former Liberal Democrat Treasury minister to get a "big government job" within months, it has emerged.'

The Sunday Telegraph.
Oh, hang on. Wasn't he coming back last autumn?
So Laws - who resigned cause he lied cause he didn't want anyone to know he was gay and was living with his boyfriend - might come back cause Chris Huhne resigned cause he tried to pin a criminal charge on his ex-wife who he left for a lesbian.
Gotta love this coalition government.
They'll let The Gays marry, you know.


  1. Huhne's ex-wife isn't A Gay now, is she?
    I hadn't read that.
    The report of Huhne's resignation in Friday's Standard was hilarious - his current partner was described as having previously "lived as a lesbian".

    The dude who took over from Huhne is also an Orange Book devotee like Laws, I think.
    They're all tories!

  2. Slight error in post now amended.
    Look, it's early on a Sunday - OKAY???