Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dolce & Gabbana: No FT, No Sex

“The worst time for us was when we broke up but kept working together,” says Gabbana. “We thought about splitting up, but no. And the truth is, everything is exactly the same. But no sex!”

“No sex,” agrees Dolce.

“I can’t work without him,” says Gabbana. “Maybe one day there will be a Dolce collection and a Gabbana collection – ”

“No. Never,” says Dolce. “This is my destiny.”

“Never say never,” scolds Gabbana.

FT Weekend take Dolce and Gabbana for lunch.
There's next to no gay coverage in the Financial Times - it's mostly outside their main remit of writing about economics and business news - but they do love Teh Gays over at FT Weekend magazine, I must say.

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