Friday, 24 February 2012

Eric Joyce MP: Strangers In The Night

'A LABOUR MP was charged with assault last night after allegedly head-butting a Tory while drunk in a House of Commons bar brawl.
'Cops who nicked Eric Joyce, 51, had to wait 13 hours for him to sober up for questioning.
'The Falkirk MP is said to have attacked Stuart Andrew, two other Conservative MPs and two Tory aides.
'Boozed-up Joyce allegedly sparked the brawl in the House of Commons after saying: "I'm fed up with this place — it's full of f****** Tories."
'The Scot is said to have flown into a violent rage at Conservative rivals while drinking in the Strangers' Bar, a popular Commons watering hole...' *

The Sun.
The more moronically parochial parts of the gay media have bigged up the fact that Stuart Andrews, the MP he allegedly headbutted, is gay.
There's no evidence this was a factor.
Eric Joyce presumably just hates f****** Tories full-stop.
Good for him, I say.
Who hasn't got drunk and wanted to hit a Tory?

* Last month Chris Bryant MP quipped that Strangers' Bar was "virtually a gay bar now".

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  1. Much better than being drunk and shagging a Tory...I have to read claus 4 just as comforter.