Thursday, 9 February 2012

Goldman Sachs: "Equality Is Just Good Business"

Fagburn liked this piece on The Guardian online about Goldman Sach's CEO Lloyd Blankfein's coming out for "marriage equality".
It even points out how "marriage equality" can be a banal non-committal apolitical euphemism.
Jason Farago writes;

"Traders use the phrase "priced in" to describe how markets account for the likelihood of future events when determining an asset's current value – and the legalization of same-sex marriage has surely been priced in to Blankfein's calculus. Supporting gay marriage, for the CEO of Goldman, is not only so wholly unthreatening to his bottom line that he risks nothing by endorsing it. More than that: gay marriage in the United States, from the bank's view, is probably a fait accompli. Our relationships and their legal status have become a PR no-brainer, a cause so devoid of risk that a CEO facing unprecedented populist backlash can support them as much as your favorite Occupier.
"As Karl Rove taught us in 2004, same-sex marriage is an uncommonly useful tool to distract citizens from questions of economic justice or political responsibility. Eight years later, the public view of equal rights for gays and lesbians has shifted. But the use value of marriage in the political sphere remains: it shifts the focus of political discourse away from tougher, more fundamental questions of economics and power. And in this moment of anti-elitist consolidation, that is just as the lords of finance would like.
"Gays [sic] should muster as many supporters as we can, of course. But gay equality is not the only kind of equality we should care about – and as this naked PR layup should remind us, the battle for economic fairness is going to be a much greater struggle."

Thanks for next-to-nothing.

• Human Rights Campaign - America's most respectable and wealthiest gay lobby/advocacy group - has been much a-wooing and officially honouring corporate global crooks Goldman Sachs of late.
This has been rightly criticised and protested as an act of moral myopia.

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