Saturday, 11 February 2012

Guardian Online: I'm With Stupid

Guardian Online now has a correspondent - Saabira Chaudhuri - keeping readers bang slap up to date with what's happening in the USA as regards the great gay marriage debate.
Err... why?
The Guardian doesn't have a homo home correspondent.
I suppose their sizable online American readership would want to know every last spit, but they probably get it better at home.
Particularly when The Guardian's correspondent is throwing out silly churnalism like this;
'Washington braced for windfall after passing gay marriage bill
'Economy could see $57m in first year alone from wedding arrangements made by gay couples already living in the state
'Washington state could be in line for a windfall of up to $88m as a direct result of legalising gay marriage, a report has revealed.'
Yup, this crapola was in The Guardian.
Can't even ask; "Is that really what it's all about? How much money they'll make out of you?"
Still, makes for a good headline, so what the hey?

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