Friday, 17 February 2012

Hugo Chavez: Communist Eats Gay Babies - Report

Chavez's Homophobic Rant Against Challenger

The Independent
Odd headline.
Hugo Chavez has made no comment on Don Capriles' sexuality, never mind "a rant".
In fact nobody has made a "rant", as far as I'm aware.
Your source? "Mario Silva, who presents The Razorblade, a state-run TV show known for its assaults on Chavez critics, said Mr Capriles had been arrested in 2000 for having sex with another man in a car. Mr Capriles denies the accusation."
Mario Silva and Hugo Chavez are not the same person, dear - hence the different names.
And calling VTV "state-run" is as absurd as saying the BBC is "state-run" and claiming Jeremy Clarkson is the official spokesperson for David Cameron.
And how homophobic can you be if you try to introduce gay marriage, as Chavez did?
Still, all's fair when talking crap about one of our Officially Declared Enemies.
We must tell more lies.
Bombs away.
Hegemony - yay!


  1. Chavez hasn't tried to introduce gay marriage. He was interviewed in 2009 and said he was against it.

  2. And where did you read that?
    He put it to a referendum...

  3. What was the result of the referendum? When did it take place?

    In this interview from September 2009 Chavez confirms he is against gay marriage

  4. You clearly don't speak Spanish!
    He says he does.

  5. Actually I do speak Spanish and so do the people who left comments on the YouTube clip. I suggest you read them.

    What was the result of that referendum? And when did it take place?