Thursday, 9 February 2012

Leveson Inquiry: Tabloid Transphobia

'Belcher says in her witness statement that the tabloid press has sustained a "climate of prejudice" against transgender people.
'Families have had to relocate or have received death threats after appearing as the subject of a transgender story in the press.
'Most transgender people "don't bother" complaining to the PCC any more because of a string of instances where it has failed to adequately deal with their worries, Belcher says.
"It appears that nothing ever changes as a result of those complaints … The transgender community has walked away from the PCC...
"Belcher said there is no "public interest" defence for reporting that a transgender person is to undergo a medical operation."

Helen Belcher from Trans Media Watch at the Leveson Inquiry yesterday.
Via The Guardian's live News Blog.
There is a full transcript here - starting on page 36.

You can read Trans Media Watch's submission to the inquiry on their website.
It shows - and deconstructs - ten of the worst examples of transphobic press stories (From page 12).
Four are from The Sun.
One from The Scottish Sun.
One is from The Daily Express.
Four are from The Daily Mail.

Further: Helen Belcher said the Daily Mail publishes six times more transgender stories than any other newspaper.
She said many Mail stories are attributed to "a staff reporter" but are sourced from a news agency, and the paper says it is the fault of the agency if there is a complaint, and this causes "huge problems".

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