Thursday, 23 February 2012

Marriage: A Modest Proposal

"Here’s my answer: my submission to the commission on “gay marriage” that the Prime Minister has promised. Do as they’ve done in South Africa. Make the partnership that two people of either sex may enter the same in law, regardless of their sex.
"Then remove the word “marriage” altogether from legal language. Amend the statute book. Call it (say) “civil union” (as they do in South Africa). Call the ceremony bilateral amatory pledge trothing, or pledging, or registering or declaring — take your pick. Call the union itself what you like: and make this the word that the State uses for the institution that it defines, polices and protects.
"But then let every church, mosque or synagogue use the word “marriage” as their own faith enjoins, using it differently, as they already do. And let couples with civil unions call their unions whatever they wish: marriage, partnership, union, whatever. Language will sort itself out. Language always does..."

Matthew Parris, The Times.
Mr Parris is civilly partnered to James Glover, David Cameron's speech writer.
Although he didn't officially get the job until the following month, I suspect it was Glover who put in the section about gay marriage being a Conservative value into David Cameron's leadership speech to Conservative party conference.
And perhaps it was only added during the last-minute rewrite when Team Cameron removed a highly patronising section telling people to pay off their credit card bills.

Update: The Christian Institute are extremely happy that another gayer and intellectual heavyweight of the right, Christopher Biggins, has been on Loose Women and said he doesn't want gay marriage. Read their report and watch the clip here.
Mr Biggins is also in a civil partnership.
Silly old queen... 

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