Monday, 13 February 2012

Nobody Turns Up To Pointless Stupid Protest: Whitney Blamed

About four people turned up for "a mass kiss-in" in Trafalgar Square yesterday protesting anti-gay laws in Commonwealth countries.
Was it cause it was an ill-thought out pointless exercise in self-aggrandising wankery?
Hell no!

'Dr Patrick Williams, chairman of Pride London, said while several people had turned out, it was not as many as hoped, which was to be expected after the sudden death of Whitney Houston, who he called "one of the world's greatest gay icons".
'He said: "I wouldn't say it's disappointing - the weather being what it is, and the sudden demise of one of the world's biggest gay icons, Whitney Houston.
"A lot of us have grown up with her music so that was a bit of a shock. As soon as I heard, I realised we were going to have problems with people coming.'

The Times.

She wasn't a "gay icon", you hopeless fuckwit.
And even if she was, it didn't stop the Stonewall Riots, did it?

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