Monday, 6 February 2012

Peter Hitchens: Still Mad As A Lorry

"Parliament has very little to do between now and the 2015 Election.
"It should put its back into a thoughtful and thorough recasting of the rules of divorce.
"And that, surely, is a job for the bishops, instead of taking Trotskyist positions on welfare reform or rowing about the few dozen homosexuals who – bizarrely – wish to get married in churches.
"If they really do, let them, provided the law also lets heterosexuals marry in gay clubs.
"I suspect the take-up will be about the same on both sides."

The Daily Mail.

Again, it's a good point, well made...


  1. What a disappointment he must have been to his brother, who is most certainly turning in his grave, I know this because I can hear the bottles rattling.

  2. I think most of his schtick is giving two fingers to "Hitch", his more succesful brother.

  3. Dear Mr Hitchens...Can I buy some pot off you?

  4. By the way, heterosexuals can get married in gay clubs, or anywhere that applies for a licence.

  5. Christopher Hitchens was a wanker as well, although obviously for different reasons.

    I don't believe in gay marriage - I think heterosexual society is a cancerous monstrosity which should be undermined at every opportunity, not begged for admittance - but at the same time recognise that it's total destruction is unlikely to occur anytime soon and that therefore it's best that we at least don't discriminate.

    But still, fuck getting married, and fuck doing it in a church. That's what's fucked us for centuries and now some of us want to be a part of it! You've got to be wrong in the brain.

  6. I can't even formulate my own opinions on this because I think letting THE GAYS get married in a church is up to the church, but I also think 'well, what right do the fucking church have to even fucking exist'

  7. compromise: instead of getting married in a church, burn the fucker down.