Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sir Ian McKellen: Marriage For Moderns

Every day I care less and less about gay marriage.
Though clearly totemic it's essentially a bourgeois obsession - ever wondered why David Cameron says he supports it?
Though if you think he'll actually introduce it you're spectacularly well-deceived.
The only real reason to back it is cause it annoys the fruitcake out of right wing Christian nutjobs.
Anyway, here's Sireena McKellen's two cents in The Independent.
(I have a hunch it may have been buggered by a sub - hence putting "straights" in inverted commas and using the archaic term "homosexual" etc).
It was written in response to this exercise in mean-spirited inconsistency in the Daily Mail by Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.
Though why anyone gives credence to anything said by someone who says they believe in a god in this day and age is - quite simply - beyond belief.

PS Wonderful "Ban this filth - but only after I've had a wank over it" photocaption in the Mail's piece on Carey.


  1. Radio 5 Live had a phone-in recently on the gay marriage issue. As I stated, of all my many gay friends, I do not know a single one who wants to get 'married'. And I certainly don't want to be anyone's 'wife' or 'husband' thank you very much!

    1. I also do not know anyone who wants to get gaymarried I like.

  2. PS. Unless I was getting married to Tom Daley, of course...